What You Achieve


Using self-knowledge, you can understand what skills you have, what you are interested in, reinforce your self-confidence, team up with a group of guys along with the mentors and coaches, and finally, advance your idea into practice.

Creativity Enhancement

Along with you, we teach you a series of ways, methods, and techniques with which you will become able to provide new ideas.

Economic Knowledge

We help you to enhance your knowledge in economic field and through using business setting-up tools, you can manage to achieve success through effort and dedication in future.

Communication Skills

After passing the self-confidence course, a very important skill will be reinforced in you that is the skill of giving lecture in a group of people. Via reinforcing your rhetoric, you will be able to present your ideas easily.

The best way to predict your future is to create it



Sara Heidari

Executive Manager of Ferdowsi Summer School

Sajjad Poorkian

Content Manager of Ferdowsi Summer School

Mostafa Makarem

Model Designer of Ferdowsi Summer School

Ali Mehrkish

Founder and CEO of Ferdowsi Summer School

Mahshad Hashemi

Mentor of Creativity Skill

Reza Samadi

Teen Counseling Expert

Mohammad Javad Akbari

Technical Manager of Ferdowsi Summer School

Abolfazl Akbari

Radio Host and Communication Skill Expert

Mehdi Khodaverdi

Mentor of Communication Skills

Reza Dastparvari

Theater Director and Communication Skill Expert



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