What You Achieve


Using self-knowledge, you can understand what skills you have, what you are interested in, reinforce your self-confidence, team up with a group of guys along with the mentors and coaches, and finally, advance your idea into practice.

Creativity Enhancement

Along with you, we teach you a series of ways, methods, and techniques with which you will become able to provide new ideas.

Economic Knowledge

We help you to enhance your knowledge in economic field and through using business setting-up tools, you can manage to achieve success through effort and dedication in future.

Communication Skills

After passing the self-confidence course, a very important skill will be reinforced in you that is the skill of giving lecture in a group of people. Via reinforcing your rhetoric, you will be able to present your ideas easily.

Reasons to go to the business school
95 See fascinating experiences and student hobbies at Ferdowsi's business school
96 See fascinating experiences and student hobbies at Ferdowsi's business school

The best way to predict your future is to create it



Sara Heidari

Executive Manager of Ferdowsi Summer School

Sajjad Poorkian

Content Manager of Ferdowsi Summer School

Mostafa Makarem

Model Designer of Ferdowsi Summer School

Ali Mehrkish

Founder and CEO of Ferdowsi Summer School

Frequently Asked Questions

what is the purpose of this school

In today's world and in the future, as you know best, in order to succeed in business and study, Not yet We are looking for children to write their own vision of 30's to 40 years of age, have a short speech amongst the crowd, have a good performance in a group as team members or team leader, work skills Gaining their hands, or even be able to propose solutions to overcome their mental and environmental problems by strengthening the problem solving power. In general, our goal is to increase students' skills. We believe that, before the age of 18, teenagers should only be thinking about acquiring new skills, and they should not be considered as monetization and money-seeking efforts.

How is this school like normal schools

No, classes, workshops, visits and other summer school programs are completely interactive and have a very happy and intimate environment and the participation of all children in Apps are required.

Also, the venue for this school is not constant in a class, and children in different environments inside and outside Ferdowsi University, their courses and workshops

How is enrollment and school entry

You must submit an initial registration form on the site ( Complete this link ). Our colleagues will contact you as soon as possible to determine the interview time. After completing your registration, complete your registration form.

what information is provided to students and their parents

One of the special activities of the Ferdowsi Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship is to contribute to the writing of the current features and the future of the people based on them. Growth as a special project gives audiences the opportunity to identify their own characteristics in relation to observing changes in the activities carried out in written form.  This process is carried out by a team of experts in psychology, business and engineering. Using the growth report, the future path is transparent and the effects of past activities are visible in the past.



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